Dough Bowl Candles

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We are so excited to introduce a line of unique and beautiful rustic dough bowls. Each bowl is hand carved, and therefore each one will be unique in markings and colouration. We will be offering a variety of colours and styles to choose from.

The bowls themselves make a beautiful statement as home decor in your home, both as a candle and even after! You can simply wash out the bowl with hot soapy water to enjoy it in your home as an accent piece, or you can bring it back to us and we can refill your bowl to create another beautiful candle. 


Since we offer a few styles of bowls, they are all priced individually based on how much wax the bowl holds. 

Small 9.5" L x 6 "W & 2" deep

Medium 19.5" L X 5.5" W & 3" deep

Large 21"L x 12" W & 3" deep (only available in white wash rustic)


Create Your Dough Bowl

Our dough bowls are made with crackling wooden wicks or cotton wicks, the choice is yours! We highly recommend our crackling wood wicks!

Choose Your Scent

Scent options will be change periodically according to season, and availability. 


Refill Prices

Small refill $25.00

Medium Refill $35.00

Large Refill $45.00

Care Instructions 

Ensure your first burn is for a minimum of  2-3 hours on the first burn, or until the wax has melted all the way across to the sides of the bowl.  This is to ensure a beautiful melt pool and ensure a good wax memory so your candle will always burn smooth and evenly.

Do not burn your dough bowl candle (or any candle for that matter) for more than 4 hours at a time. 

Trim Those Wicks

If your candle is made with wooden wicks, please trim your  wood wicks before each lighting to just above the wax.

If your candle is made with cotton wicks please trim to 1/4 inch before lighting your candle every time.

Turn Around

Due to these candles being a custom pour for your choosing, the turn around time for your dough bowl is 14 days to allow proper curing before pick up or shipping.