Inhale ... Exhale... words I live by.

Posted by Nada Slager on

Where to start.. self care, balance, my story, our story, hobbies, interests? Lets make it a little simpler and start with breathing. We've all been doing it since the day we were born, although sometimes we forget just how important it is.

As a mental health professional, I am constantly trying to find a balance of the many hats that I wear; mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, therapist, photographer and a lover of crafting, decor and food. When these hats overlap as they typically do, I remind myself of the importance to ground myself and take a deep breath. When that breath in smells heavenly, or takes me back to a memory of that smell (like camping  or my favourite season like fall), well it makes grounding myself so much easier. So do me a favour... take a deep breath in and hold for four seconds and a take a deep breath out. Now, try one of our hand poured clean burning soy candles and take another deep breath in!

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